Day: August 29, 2016

Do animals “feel”?

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Blackie on her rounds.  (Found at Mira Images) They say that animals don’t “feel”. Meet Blackie. At least that’s what we called her, as kids. It may even have been her real name, it’s been so long I’m no longer sure. That’s Eddy Miller on his rounds with her. Hadn’t thought about Blackie for many years, despite the large…

French Postcards 7

Sunday morning are strange things on these trips. You set off from your auberge all kitted up like you’re off to the moon, and the first ten people you meet are sandal-clad, sleepy locals carrying their baguettes back from the boulangerie and looking at you in wonder… And who can blame them! Sunday had dawned cool and overcast – it was wonderful.  As our … Read More French Postcards 7

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