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Going west – Carreg Coetan Arthur

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
This was the third dolmen we had visited in three days whose name tied it to the legendary King Arthur…and three times three is a magical number. It is certainly a magical site and quite unexpected as you walk between the gaily painted bungalows of the little coastal town of Newport.  A gate opens into a green oasis,…

Ghostly eyes…

Brave heart, spear inclined Know we of your troubled times? Ghostly eyes speak less.  ——– ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016.

Going west – Carreg Samson

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The jaws had dropped, the expletives had escaped and the cameras were out almost as soon as we exited the car. Even from a distance, Carreg Samson was spectacular, set against the backdrop of the coast… a smiling dragon resting his maw on folded wings as if he was casually looking over the cliff top at the approaching…

Thursday Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Stuart’s dark humour surfaces…

Coffee with Haiku: The Shadow

Whose life under green? Do shadows dance their partners? Life absorbs the light. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016.

Melting point – #WQWWC

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
It was already hot, only dawn and I’m melting The sun in the heavens is already pelting I want to crawl into the fridge to keep cool I am staying indoors, I am nobody’s fool. * But in that I am wrong, for I do have a duty… My son is my boss though, in that…

Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Stepping Stones In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Thursday Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones – #writephoto — One, two, three, the dream In fun and seeking sun they came Where two had been and deeper known To newer one the stones of trust were shown The river flows…the waters stream Two, three, one, the flowing dream A different journey is begun As bold and blind, … Read More Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Whispers in the West – part four (final part)

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Whispers in the West – part four (final) On the Saturday night, replete with the adventures of the day and a large meal from the Sloop, we could do little else but retire early and sleep the sleep of Kings. The following morning was to be one of the highlights of the trip – St David’s, itself. The famous Cathedral…

Blazing Orange Sky

Blazing Orange Sky — While breath says, “Look!” And fingers point The blazing orange sky darkens Instantly And sizzling ebony cracks On nascent chaos’ edge With dreadful, teasing wait–the ‘s’ of gasp As agitated air, long tormented, breaks Into the cracks, between the worlds, unseen before, Strike Thor’s electron seas of boiling rage Which seize from land And rip from sky To shock the gazing lower self … Read More Blazing Orange Sky

Rummaging in the fridge of life

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“It is just space,” he nodded his head towards the now empty shelf. “It is not,” said my son, “a bad analogy … the Fridge of Life.” He didn’t elaborate, but after a few moments thought, I had to agree… though it takes a particularly warped mind to see an analogy for life in his fridge.…


Originally posted on Stuart France:
* All that… * * becomes one… * * does so… * * by participation… * * of unity. * *

1830 sunrise

Pale lines of south-stacked wooden trunks Soften ancient village stone Where once the powder of destruction Overnighted, dry, in locked Saltpetre Shed And as the sunrise called to sleepy boatmen Roused to disgorge coal and fill the holds of narrow boats Long with loads of that which, alone save gods, could rend the stone apart Now gone, where peaceful grass, and pond, alone, fills … Read More 1830 sunrise

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