Day: July 20, 2016

Blazing Orange Sky

Blazing Orange Sky — While breath says, “Look!” And fingers point The blazing orange sky darkens Instantly And sizzling ebony cracks On nascent chaos’ edge With dreadful, teasing wait–the ‘s’ of gasp As agitated air, long tormented, breaks Into the cracks, between the worlds, unseen before, Strike Thor’s electron seas of boiling rage Which seize from land And rip from sky To shock the gazing lower self … Read More Blazing Orange Sky

Rummaging in the fridge of life

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“It is just space,” he nodded his head towards the now empty shelf. “It is not,” said my son, “a bad analogy … the Fridge of Life.” He didn’t elaborate, but after a few moments thought, I had to agree… though it takes a particularly warped mind to see an analogy for life in his fridge.…


Originally posted on Stuart France:
* All that… * * becomes one… * * does so… * * by participation… * * of unity. * *

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