Month: August 2016

Song of the Stones VIII…


French Postcards 9

It was hard to leave Narbonne. We had formed a very special bond with the place; but, we had another 50 km ride in front of us, one that would see us arriving at our penultimate destination – Bezier.  First, we had to retrace our steps back up the Canal Robine to rejoin the land of the Midi.  The few kilometres up to Cuxac … Read More French Postcards 9

The perception of memory

French Postcards 8

What would you do if you were the Archbishop of Narbonne and you found yourself being made Pope? You might consider honouring your former home by creating a new, gothic, cathedral – a very grand cathedral; one modeled on the splendour of those in Northern France.  In 1268 that’s exactly what Pope Clement IV did. He decided that it would be a monument made … Read More French Postcards 8

And Life shall have Dominion

Inspired by an exhibition of Aboriginal art in Narbonne.  Image: Milky Way by Louise Numina, 1965 Native Australian Artist — And Life Shall Have Dominion Whatever you can touch You have dominion over Whatever you can touch and move You have power over  Be kind to it… – Whatever you can see or hear or smell But cannot touch or move Has dominion over … Read More And Life shall have Dominion

Do animals “feel”?

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Blackie on her rounds.  (Found at Mira Images) They say that animals don’t “feel”. Meet Blackie. At least that’s what we called her, as kids. It may even have been her real name, it’s been so long I’m no longer sure. That’s Eddy Miller on his rounds with her. Hadn’t thought about Blackie for many years, despite the large…

French Postcards 7

Sunday morning are strange things on these trips. You set off from your auberge all kitted up like you’re off to the moon, and the first ten people you meet are sandal-clad, sleepy locals carrying their baguettes back from the boulangerie and looking at you in wonder… And who can blame them! Sunday had dawned cool and overcast – it was wonderful.  As our … Read More French Postcards 7


20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Dear to my heart… Dealing with Dementia This list comes from Kate Swaffer who after being diagnosed offers a fresh perspective on how to live beyond dementia rather than only die from it, and how family, friends and dementia care professionals can more positively support people post diagnosis to do this. She has lovingly challenged, advised, and counseled me quite a few times on my journey. … Read More 20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Living in a fairy tale

Song of the Stones V…

French Postcards 6

On days like this people often ask why we do it? Why do you spend precious holidays pitting yourselves against the weather, particularly the hot sun, just to travel a few hundred miles by bicycle? No-one’s asking. I’m running this conversation alone in my head, as the temperature climbs to thirty three and the cloudless, blue sky dominates everything with its intense heat.  There … Read More French Postcards 6

French Postcards 5

Bernie and I are creatures of contrasts. We will, on such a holiday, take a train some thirty kilometres to visit a highly recommended canalside fish restaurant. Then, having taken our bikes on said train (an experience in itself), the meal over, and hopefully noted in our little book of highlights, we will spend the next six hours struggling back along the canal path … Read More French Postcards 5

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