Stepping Stones

Eddy Miller delivering the milk... Blackie on her rounds.  (Found at Mira Images)

They say that animals don’t “feel”.

Meet Blackie. At least that’s what we called her, as kids. It may even have been her real name, it’s been so long I’m no longer sure.

That’s Eddy Miller on his rounds with her. Hadn’t thought about Blackie for many years, despite the large part she played in my childhood, so imagine my surprise, if not joy, at stumbling on this image of her online!

She had been doing the job so long that she needed nothing more than the sound of empty bottles being loaded and she would walk, just as far as would be required to drop off the number of bottles in a crate, and stop, waiting patiently for the next chinking cue.

She knew every kid on the street, which ones would offer a rub, and which ones were most…

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