Day: August 25, 2016

Summer storm

French Postcards 3

The old Carcassone is gloriously medieval, but much restored. Walking thorough its streets at night – with thousands of others – gives you the feeling of how ‘protected’ its former inhabitants must have felt; and how lucky, to have such a home in savage times.  Step outside its walls to take the twenty minute walk down the winding road and across the river Aude … Read More French Postcards 3

The Unseen Sea – 3: the hand of time

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Part Three of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram The busy square is suddenly hushed. He watches as the four-year old girl with the golden hair runs ahead of her mother towards him. “Grandad! I beat mummy!” she says, gleefully, climbing on his knee. The constant pain from the arthritis makes him wince – she is getting…

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