Day: August 28, 2016


20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Dear to my heart… Dealing with Dementia This list comes from Kate Swaffer who after being diagnosed offers a fresh perspective on how to live beyond dementia rather than only die from it, and how family, friends and dementia care professionals can more positively support people post diagnosis to do this. She has lovingly challenged, advised, and counseled me quite a few times on my journey. … Read More 20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Living in a fairy tale

Song of the Stones V…

French Postcards 6

On days like this people often ask why we do it? Why do you spend precious holidays pitting yourselves against the weather, particularly the hot sun, just to travel a few hundred miles by bicycle? No-one’s asking. I’m running this conversation alone in my head, as the temperature climbs to thirty three and the cloudless, blue sky dominates everything with its intense heat.  There … Read More French Postcards 6

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