Day: August 28, 2016


20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Dear to my heart… Dealing with Dementia This list comes from Kate Swaffer who after being diagnosed offers a fresh perspective on how to live beyond¬†dementia rather than only die from it, and how family, friends and dementia care professionals can more¬†positively support people post diagnosis to do this. She has lovingly challenged, advised, and counseled me quite a few times on my journey. … Read More 20 Things to NOT Say to a Person with Dementia

Living in a fairy tale

Song of the Stones V…

French Postcards 6

On days like this people often ask why we do it? Why do you spend precious holidays pitting yourselves against the weather, particularly the hot sun, just to travel a few hundred miles by bicycle? No-one’s asking. I’m running this conversation alone in my head, as the temperature climbs to thirty three and the cloudless, blue sky dominates everything with its intense heat.  There … Read More French Postcards 6

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