Day: August 20, 2016

The tiny house #NoirWednesday

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Image: Steve Tanham for his #NoirWednesday She was young, beautiful and the sun rose in her eyes. A stranger child… found by the wayside and raised by the elders. The village lads vied for her favour. Their mothers nodded doting heads and grandfathers remembered their  vigour when the sun struck her midnight tresses, painting them blue.…

Post Brexit #noirwednesday

Wonderful response from Geoff at Tangental to #NoirWednesday photo prompt: The Little House

#NoirWednesday: the small house

Originally posted on Morpethroad:
Picture by: Stephen Tanham It was a house like any other house. A little house over a bridge, doing what little houses over bridges did. Only it wasn’t. This house long thought to be a small house in which shelter could be sought when crossing the bridge held a dark and sinister secret. So dark and sinister that it curled…

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