Micheal’s clever response to #NoirWednesday…


img_8014Picture by: Stephen Tanham

It was a house like any other house. A little house over a bridge, doing what little houses over bridges did. Only it wasn’t.

This house long thought to be a small house in which shelter could be sought when crossing the bridge held a dark and sinister secret.

So dark and sinister that it curled the hair of straight haired people and straighten the hair of the curly headed.

People avoided it if they could, which made it hard if you wanted to cross the river in the most direct way.

The house was one in which murder was a preferred event. Once the location for birthday and anniversary celebrations it also had a dark and dangerous past. Every birthday, every celebration was marked with death. Be it poisoned cake, exploding candles or spiked drinks there wasn’t a single event anyone could remember where death…

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