Day: August 30, 2016

The perception of memory

French Postcards 8

What would you do if you were the Archbishop of Narbonne and you found yourself being made Pope? You might consider honouring your former home by creating a new, gothic, cathedral – a very grand cathedral; one modeled on the splendour of those in Northern France.  In 1268 that’s exactly what Pope Clement IV did. He decided that it would be a monument made … Read More French Postcards 8

And Life shall have Dominion

Inspired by an exhibition of Aboriginal art in Narbonne.  Image: Milky Way by Louise Numina, 1965 Native Australian Artist — And Life Shall Have Dominion Whatever you can touch You have dominion over Whatever you can touch and move You have power over  Be kind to it… – Whatever you can see or hear or smell But cannot touch or move Has dominion over … Read More And Life shall have Dominion

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