Sue’s ‘darkly rendered’ response to #NoirWednesday The Little House.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Steve Tanham for his #NoirWednesday

She was young, beautiful and the sun rose in her eyes. A stranger child… found by the wayside and raised by the elders. The village lads vied for her favour. Their mothers nodded doting heads and grandfathers remembered their  vigour when the sun struck her midnight tresses, painting them blue.

Superstition is insidious.

The small creatures of wood and field came to her hand and flowers bloomed brighter where she passed. She healed the wild things with her herblore and the dogs were silent as she passed.

Jealousy is a black art.

She danced for joy beneath the full moon, crowned with oak leaves and they who watched saw a shower of stars fall to earth.

They gave her a house, a tiny house, built just for her upon the bridge that spanned the stream, surrounded by stone and far from the green places…

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