Day: July 21, 2016

Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Stepping Stones In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Thursday Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones – #writephoto — One, two, three, the dream In fun and seeking sun they came Where two had been and deeper known To newer one the stones of trust were shown The river flows…the waters stream Two, three, one, the flowing dream A different journey is begun As bold and blind, … Read More Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Whispers in the West – part four (final part)

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Whispers in the West – part four (final) On the Saturday night, replete with the adventures of the day and a large meal from the Sloop, we could do little else but retire early and sleep the sleep of Kings. The following morning was to be one of the highlights of the trip – St David’s, itself. The famous Cathedral…

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