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Winter walks with camera (6) : the shape of drama

Drama comes in many forms, but those forms can be accentuated by the rigours of Winter (250 words, a two-minute read) The estuary to the west of Arnside has an ancient feel, and is filled with dramatic shapes and foliage. In Winter, some of these can look primeval, and the natural desaturation of colour caused by the lower levels of light play to the … Read More Winter walks with camera (6) : the shape of drama

#NoirWednesday: the small house

Join in the ‘Noir’ fun in the run up to the weekend… Use the photo prompt or add one of your own. We’ve all got a dark side… kickstart it and let your imagination flow! As well as being fun it can point to things in ourselves that need more of the ‘light’ of our attention. But let’s have the fun, first… Make it … Read More #NoirWednesday: the small house

Bull Rocks – #writephoto

  In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Liminal – #writephoto Bull Rocks — Did you, then, Perhaps See the bull? His horns like wings His feet, suggested If not seen Ancient anchors In the rocks of here. — Or did you Greet the green-white stones With familiarity Born of expectation? Assembled barrow Just for you… — Just for me? You ask, incredulous Why yes, they … Read More Bull Rocks – #writephoto

Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Stepping Stones In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Thursday Photo Prompt – Stepping Stones – #writephoto — One, two, three, the dream In fun and seeking sun they came Where two had been and deeper known To newer one the stones of trust were shown The river flows…the waters stream Two, three, one, the flowing dream A different journey is begun As bold and blind, … Read More Stepping Stones – #writephoto

Lost Island – #writephoto

Lost Island In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Lost Island – #writephoto A first the waves moved, playfully, over his ankles. Then they became more insistent, as his body resisted their pressure. “No,” his body spoke for him. “This can’t be happening!” He strode deeper into the sea that had turned on him, tightening the muscles of his thighs and buttocks as he … Read More Lost Island – #writephoto

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