Liminal - Bull Rocks

In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Liminal – #writephoto

Bull Rocks

Did you, then,


See the bull?

His horns like wings

His feet, suggested

If not seen

Ancient anchors

In the rocks of here.

Or did you

Greet the green-white stones

With familiarity

Born of expectation?

Assembled barrow

Just for you…

Just for me?

You ask, incredulous

Why yes, they say–the voices

And if you lose yourself

In glad and happy voice

Then we will sing to you

And it will be the song

Of you and us

Unique in thousands

Of spinnings around our Sun

He comes again – Our Sun

Our Son, be welcome!


Be now with song

Give us voice one more time

And we will help you See…


©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016.

7 Comments on “Bull Rocks – #writephoto

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