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But what is it!?

I took this the other day, on a walk with Tess the Collie. Looking at it, later, I thought ‘What was that?’ I’d forgotten where I’d taken it, and I took me a minute to reconstruct where we’d been. On that basis, I thought, it would make a fine what is it? The kind of photo people used to shoot, deliberately, to be a … Read More But what is it!?

Oxen Home

  It’s a station on the North-West main line – ‘Oxenholme’ is how it is really written. If you set quiz questions, it’s a good one: what’s the only main line station in Britain to be found in a village? Oxenholme is really on the outskirts of Kendal – as close as the main north-south line to Glasgow gets, but there’s another station in … Read More Oxen Home

Frozen White

  A line of sight Which calls in frozen white To towering forms of shapeless spray That shield incoming night. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2015  

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