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Stepping back from the noise

Are we losing the spirit and purpose of quietness? Quietness and privacy are intimately linked. We need that space inside us that can’t be intruded upon. It’s a place to go when we must make the most important decisions of our lives. Are we are losing the art of privacy? Perhaps even losing the idea of a right to privacy? The result is that … Read More Stepping back from the noise

The Echo Cafe…

It would have been difficult to foresee the full social effects of the internet. It is now apparent that our lives have been changed, forever, in ways that are simultaneously warped and wonderful. Being socially and politically aware was difficult enough in a pre-online world. In this new, ‘wired’ age, where perceived connections of opinion are shared across social media, the intersection of money, … Read More The Echo Cafe…

Octapi Farm

Let’s call them Octapi. It’s a made-up name, but useful. There’s an Octapi in your lap. It’s a friendly one. You’ve had it for a few years and you like its smiley face – in fact it has different faces you can use according to your mood. Moods and preferences are important… The Octapi are very good at picking up how you feel. You … Read More Octapi Farm

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