My persecutors continue their plotting, even when visiting Avebury . . .
“We also acquired the first few items for next year’s workshop, much to the discomfiture of their intended ‘victim’”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Avebury SE weekend 522

We were greeted by the sight of yet another jackdaw, studiously ignoring the offended pigeon whose headstone it had invaded. There was so much in the body language of these two that any further attempt to understand their various languages would have been superfluous.

Glaston2 088

You and your group are within the confines of one of the greatest and most beautiful stone circles in England. The weather has settled, the grass is beginning to dry and the whole afternoon stretches before you. What do you do? It’s obvious. You take them to the church instead.

Avebury SE weekend 527

I know, that doesn’t sound like the most logical move, but there were good reasons. First, it meant we had to walk past the Henge Shop in Avebury, and as anyone knows, that isn’t possible. You have to go in. Because whether you love books, crystals or crafts, you are going to find something there… I…

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