Before Osiris

Before Osiris

We do not speak of death, he said

Not here, where shapes of dread can hold no sway,

And disappear at end of days; and mouths spit out their final hate,

Then mute, come forth unto that silent gate


Come gentle soul, and rise, he said

And let Anubis wash your eyes; clean fear away,

from inner skies, until, forever leaving blame

We raise you clear of this, your earthly name


We only speak of life, he said

When opened eyes’ eternal gaze, whose gift is not,

Mere counted days, but that by which all time be known

And finding where you do not live, come home.


We only speak of truth, he said

Not we, but you the judge must be, and balanced on these scales,

Your heart must see its worth, and opened, have its say

So that the man reborn to be, goes forth into a different day

©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2015