Month: July 2015

Bloggers… do you know what you are?

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Dear bloggers, I woke up this morning to find comments, reblogs, innumerable Tweets , retweets and shares of all kinds from my post about Nick’s participation in the triathlon and his Indiegogo campaign for the acquired brain injury charity he is supporting. It has continued all day. I cannot tell you how valuable that support can…

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (22) – Flight and Fight

We ran through the steepening streets of the town. I pulled at Alexandra’s wrist and, every few strides, looked around, anxiously, in search of our pursuers. “What are we running from?” she laughed, behind me, now well used to my craziness. I had noticed that she had recently taken to wearing more casual clothing for our teaching encounters, and suspected that her larger bag, now … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (22) – Flight and Fight

Halton Gill

Another lovely collection of Yorkshire Dales images from smackedpentax.

Inky Black

Inky Black Beneath the vibrant greens A ghostly figure forms Half-seen Whose Inky blackness draws A face from long-forgotten dreams ©Copyright Stephen Tanham words and image 2015

The accountant

One of Sue’s casual introductions to a so-deep meaning . . .

River Crossing

Bold lines drawn on my gentle curves Hush noisy warrior Come slowly with me To the sea ©Stephen Tanham words and image, 2105

Ben’s Bit, part 1 – Humbling Beginnings

There is a wall and, across the dark room, another wall. I walk between them. Getting there – to the other wall – is the goal.  What is in the middle is mere mathematics: five strides sees me across the old stone floor, and I practice so that my toe touches the far wall exactly on the fifth . . . the edges of … Read More Ben’s Bit, part 1 – Humbling Beginnings

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (21) – The Anxious Heart

We were sitting by the river, though earlier than usual. The padded plastic-bottomed picnic blanket I had brought serving us well as a coffee base on the cold limestone, which was constantly made wet by the spray from the rapids in the adjacent river Kent. Neither of us seemed to mind the gentle mist. The thermos flask had been half emptied and we were enjoying our coffee.  … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (21) – The Anxious Heart

Beneath the lowering green

Beneath the lowering green, the fallen branch splits to copy the bend in the river into which its material will slowly dissolve ©Copyright words and image Steve Tanham 2015 Feel free to share but please attribute

The Bump Stone

Another great set of photos from smackedpentax.

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (20) – A Torrent of Fear

I met Alexandra at the local station. She had agreed to spend an hour longer with me before getting the London train from Oxenholme, which serves the Lake District and has a direct link to the capital.  She changed into her summer boots at the back of her car, and we walked the short distance to the local bakery, which had a tiny cafe, … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (20) – A Torrent of Fear

Tracking the Silent Eye . . .

For those interested in the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, we have recently (July 2015) re-written our eleven-page overview about our Work. The images and text below are extracted from the downloadable PDF document, which is also indexed to provide fast links directly from your browser. You can download the full version of this by clicking below: Silent Eye 2015 Gen BrochureV1AA The Call … Read More Tracking the Silent Eye . . .

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