Head Torch Nine Deadly 36 v2


“There were three of them!” I said, getting the first word in before he had chance to open the ominous black bag sitting on his knee.

“Three of what?” I watched as his fingers let go the zip that ran across the top of its length.

“Three cyclopses…”

“Ah,” he said, smiling at our agreed corruption of the word. “Yes, three of them… I had a feeling we hadn’t finished with the Labour of the Bull.”

I sipped my coffee, then, “Not by a long way, I would say.”

He sighed. “Okay then. You got to be a cyclops, what’s not to like?”

“The other two – who are they?” I said, smirking and pleased at my insight. I knew he was playing with me, secretly pleased that I had uncovered more depth to the myth than we had spoken of last week.

John sat back and looked at me, smiling. “Which ones do you remember?” he asked.

“Brontes, Steropes and Arges, that’s all I know.”

“Any idea of the meanings?” he asked.

“None – couldn’t find any clues, but maybe I was looking in the wrong places?”

“The myths are difficult because so many scholars have had a go – without the benefit of an esoteric perspective – and that often renders what they say useful only at an intellectual level…”

“So tell me…” I said, narrowing my eyes in an imitation of the strange thing he did with his.

He smiled at the gesture. “Brontes means ‘thunder’, Steropes is ‘lightning’ and Agres means ‘a whirling activity’.”

I mused on that. “Thunder, lightning and whirling – strange names for single focus entities?”

“And three things…” he said, breathing as though he were reaching deep. “Three things remind you of anything significant?”

There was still in me a reticence to say the obvious, but I blurted it out anyway, “The Trinity, perhaps?”

“All trinities, possibly?” he countered, quickly.

“All trinities?” I asked, surprised. “There are more than one?”

“There are many – all esoteric systems are based on a threefold concept that the creation of the universe is far from that which science teaches, but even farther from what the fundamentalists preach…”

I had seldom seen him as animated as this. I pressed on. “Tell me then, what this conception of creation is?”

He leaned forward–a sure sign that the best was coming. “The universe is divided into life – the One Life – and that which gives the invisible spirit of life a Home, and thereafter they long for each other, for their union to make things complete.”

“We’re not just talking sex here, are we?” I asked, knowing it was a statement and not a question.

“Oh, but we are,” he smiled, “The Universe is a very sexual place, but we need to widen our concept of sex so that we see its divinity in everything, instead of being engulfed and then ashamed by just one facet of it…”

I sat back, stunned. John watched in silence as I digested the enormity of that sentiment. Weren’t we all like that – seeing sexuality only as joy between two bodies. What John had indicated was that the ancient mystery school behind the myth of Heracles was fully aware of the sexuality of the universe… and then a revelation came…

“Polarity!” I blurted out “That’s what all this stuff on polarity is really about, the division of something primal into its ‘children’ – and beyond, to fulfil the original, loving intent…”

John said nothing, just sat back and smiled at me, nodding and waiting.

I rode the revelation, “Father, mother, son, the father needing the mother as receptacle… divine receiver, birther into matter of that intent, that onward spark which becomes the son… a product of them both.” I looked up at the mental sky. “And the cyclopses?”

John spoke gently, “Hercules has to hand the bull over – to dedicate the full potency of the divine energy in him, the all-sex, to the intelligences that can use it on his behalf. This does not mean that he becomes celibate… far from it.”

“And the names,” I asked, beginning to quake a little at the vastness of this.

“Brontes is thunder, which is sound – the Word if you like your St John. Sound has always been considered symbolic of the the shaped and directed force which creates the universe. Steropes is the individual soul, the divine incarnated into matter, undertaking something truly wonderful from within the creation in agreement with the creator, knowing the darkness which sometimes lies ahead, before the real light of inherent belonging is seen …”

I was barely breathing. “And Arges?”

He sat back, practically whispering, “The whirling, which is a pretty good analogy for the atomic motion of matter; what soul isn’t; what the subjective ‘me’ thinks of as ‘out there’. What the soul longs for union with…”

I barely heard him stand up and prepare to leave…

Once more, and smiling at his unopened black bag, he left me with another coffee, brought, with uncanny prescience, by the ever watchful Rose.


Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee is usually published on Thursdays.

All images and text ©International copyright, The Silent Eye School of Consciousness, 2015.

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