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All the world’s a stage…

We could imagine ourselves as a leading actor in a play. There are other actors, but we have something unique… The play is written around our character. We are the only performer who can describe the play from the inside – our ‘inside’. We infer that others can do this, but we have a unique perspective on our view of the play. We have … Read More All the world’s a stage…

The preparation of Magical Landscapes (2)

You begin with an idea; in this case an entire workshop held outdoors, in the vivid landscape of the English Lake District. It’s vast and wild… and you have no control over the weather, not even in May. The goal is for those attending to experience themselves in a new way. In these dramatic surroundings, and in the midst of warm companionship, we can … Read More The preparation of Magical Landscapes (2)

The wings of the bird of reason and emotion

Have you ever watched your own mind racing between thinking and feeling? Usually, just before it triggers something about which you have a long-term feeling of unease? We all do this. Our habitual reactions are based upon pre-formed responses, which, themselves, may be constructed from older building blocks of like and dislike going all the way back to our earliest childhood… These may be … Read More The wings of the bird of reason and emotion

The watery curve of acceptance

I walk a lot. it’s a necessity when you have a collie. Fortunately, we live in the country and the scenic walks begin through the gate in the bottom of the garden… There are lots of variations, but the standard walk, when we’ve only got an hour or so, is to follow the line of the old canal for about twenty minutes, then take … Read More The watery curve of acceptance

The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

Late Friday afternoon, 14th September. A group of travellers arrive in Bamburgh, Northumberland. Their intention is to invoke a landscape. The meeting place is one of the hotels in the village of Bamburgh, but the first destination is that liminal place: the beach – and what a beautiful place it is… The beach here sits between two worlds, yet is part of both. The … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

Jewels in the Claw (iv)

Continued from Part Three. The line of packing cases is nearly complete. The man looks down at the three chairs in the East, one white, one purple and one red. The symbolism of the outer two was plain: the Tudor colours, central features of the royal Tudor Rose – the white of House York merged with the red of House Lancaster. Queen Elizabeth had … Read More Jewels in the Claw (iv)

Jewels in the Claw (iii)

Continued from Part Two The man with the packing case pauses as he passes the place that was the East, the place from which the Queen began her direction of proceedings in this, her favourite palace of Nonsuch, in 1590’s South London. There is little left of the ritual-drama space now. Just the mental image of the chequered floor that was the Royal Court … Read More Jewels in the Claw (iii)

Jewels in the Claw (ii)

Continued from Part One He stops in the act of dismantling – the raven directly in line with his left eye. Reluctantly, he climbs onto the chair to unhook the left panel of rubberised black fabric that contains the bird’s image. Then, smiling, he remembers the last minute decision to add the raven panels… such an important part of the Queen’s journey. Somehow, it … Read More Jewels in the Claw (ii)

Ben’s Bit, part 15 – Bolero

Ben’s Bit, part 15 – Bolero At first, I think it’s a memory of a dream – of that night when knowledge of the unknown Miss Goodnight, soon to be Golding, came into my life. The heels on the concrete corridor this time are tapping a slower rhythm. It passes my cell door, rendering me fully awake, then diminishes as she walks further along the corridor. … Read More Ben’s Bit, part 15 – Bolero

Ben’s Bit, part 14 – A Pruning of Normality

“Tell us about normal, Ben?” asks Dr Grey, looking like a man rejuvenated, as he glances sideways for approval from the silent Governor. “In your own words, of course…” I try to stay calm. The three people in the room are transmitting a mixture of emotions at me. I’m very sensitive to that. It’s probably what led me to study spirituality. You can’t always … Read More Ben’s Bit, part 14 – A Pruning of Normality

Ben’s Bit, part 13 – The White Hot Blade of Separation

“And then there are the moments when the white hot blade of separation comes into your life, and everything changes. In the presence of such instantaneous power, you realise that the human view of transformation is impoverished by a lack of true experience at the edge, while your former life is separated from the now with a cut of such precision that it is … Read More Ben’s Bit, part 13 – The White Hot Blade of Separation

Ben’s Bit, part twelve – Cold Governance

Ben’s Bit, part twelve – Cold Governance There’s something about the door that terrifies me. I suspect that it’s still unlocked. But I won’t try it to see. To try it would risk some fragile things.  If it were locked and I had maintained my belief that Roger Sylvester, my new gaoler, being a good man, had left it open as a rebellious gesture against a system … Read More Ben’s Bit, part twelve – Cold Governance

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