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#ShortWrytz : drizzle Mondays

The coastal town of Arnside is famous for its sunsets. Two rivers; the Bela and the Kent, flow out into Morecambe Bay through the arches of the famous long viaduct that connects Arnside with Grange-over-Sands on the way to Barrow-in-Furness, famous for our nuclear submarines. But this is a wet Monday, and Tess, our collie dog, is familiar with a different drill, as I … Read More #ShortWrytz : drizzle Mondays

#ShortWrytz : The house by the river

We’re often in Kirkby Lonsdale. It’s the perfect dog-walk for Tess, our collie, who loves to chase the ball in its riverside park, then sniff her way along the riverbank as we enter the town by the steep steps that lead to one of the best views in the county – Ruskin’s View. This part of the Lune Valley was a favourite haunt of … Read More #ShortWrytz : The house by the river

#NightMoves : Sodium Stroll, Wimereux

Like most bloggers, I enjoy writing. I also enjoy taking photographs – as many as my long-suffering wife, Bernie, can tolerate, on our travels. One of my favourite styles of photography is black and white – particularly the high-contrast ‘Noir’ mode offered by modern cameras. I recently suppressed the urge to upgrade my ageing Apple laptop in favour of spending the money on a … Read More #NightMoves : Sodium Stroll, Wimereux

#Shortwritz: liquid sunset

Sometimes you just get lucky. This is the mouth of the estuary at Arnside, Cumbria, where two of the abundant local rivers flow out into Morecambe Bay. During the previous half hour, and further upstream, I had taken several shots on the tiny beach where we sometimes walk Tess, our Collie dog–and finish the day with the excellent local fish and chips.. With the … Read More #Shortwritz: liquid sunset

The Spirit of Good

©Stephen Tanham

Remarkable Rocks

Even from a distance, it separates itself from the landscape that gave it birth. After two hundred million years, its many faces continue to laugh at the sky – in the defiant way that large rocks often do… or perhaps it is long-lost love… Its act of separation is not one of colour, for the hues are not dissimilar to those around it on … Read More Remarkable Rocks

Patterned in Dorset (3)

It is said that a chapel dedicated to St Catherine once stood on this hill, looking down at the little town of Cerne Abbas, below. The original St Catherine was a pre-Christian figure about whom very little is known. She was associated with the symbol of an eight-armed wheel – the famous ‘Catherine wheel’, remembered now in the name of a firework…. Those visiting … Read More Patterned in Dorset (3)

Journal of the Far Side – 4: The 1954 Coffee Bar

The pictures on the wall tell the story – they’re an homage to how the world was in 1954, the year that Pellegrini came to Melbourne and established his iconic coffee bar.  It was also the year I was born, and a small assortment of Italian-owned coffee bars were a favourite haunt of my mother and grandmother when they met, three times a week, … Read More Journal of the Far Side – 4: The 1954 Coffee Bar

Facing Oblivion, Scroll Three

Greetings, high priestess Camma How humbled I was to receive your message, my love of so many years ago! We of the Roman army may think ourselves focussed and disciplined, but your simple message cuts me as would the blades of your fabled twin daggers. You did not mean to do, this, I know; and you did it with such care that I could, … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll Three

Facing Oblivion, Scroll Two

  Greetings, Amathus How my heart leapt when I read the scroll your brave courier risked his life to bring. My own life has moved far from those innocent days when we gave that thin and trembling boy food and shelter. For several years we raised you as one of our own. I helped, of course, and watched and studied that intense boy with … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll Two

Facing Oblivion, Scroll One

Greetings, high priestess Camma Where my heart would speak I must make my rank as Roman soldier talk in bitter tones. I long to place my arms around you, once again, and protect you from what is coming, but we have little time. Suetonius Paulinus, a veteran of campaigns in North Africa, and much honoured in Rome, makes his way north, in haste, and … Read More Facing Oblivion, Scroll One


The Bristly Hog: Ghost Dancer

I’m undergoing a kind of self-imposed emotional therapy at the moment, one that has nothing to do with my physical injury. I also have two ‘therapists’ in the wider sense of the word. The one looking after my lower left limb is located nearby in Kendal, the other is… rather more virtual. As often happens with emotional therapy, the associated synchronicities are coming thick and … Read More The Bristly Hog: Ghost Dancer

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