Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee, part 45 – Mortal Combat

Nine Deadly 45 Tarot Strength

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee, part 45 – Mortal Combat


I brought the lion scarf-gloves-hat back with me on the next Monday, but tied it up, neatly, in a wide, red, ribbon. I placed it on the table before John arrived. It and his coffee were waiting for him on arrival.

He smiled as he sat down and took in the tabletop. “Tied it yourself?” he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

“All my own work…”

“Bet you could do it blindfold?”

“Well, in dim light, at least,” I replied, sure that I had, finally, fathomed the inner meaning of the myth of the Nemean Lion.

“Did it struggle?”

“Put up one hell of fight… nearly cost me my life!”

“Lions are like that – all or nothing, really!”

“But strangely linked with our destiny… and our past, too.”

“Symbol of courage in much of mythology,” he said, widening his smile. I could sense the trap.

“But not here…” I just let the words fall onto the table top.

“Wasn’t Heracles courageous?” he asked.

“Very much so, but he wasn’t fighting a lion…”

“He wasn’t?” John sipped his coffee and feigned surprise.

I drank my own and chose my words carefully. “Leo, here–” I smiled. “–very clever that little throw-away as we were leaving, last time…” I sipped some more coffee, making him wait. “Leo here isn’t a Lion…  he’s a self…”

“Which self?” His eyes had become as hard as diamonds, sensing the end of the chase.

“The Leonine self – the one that wants to be centre stage, like the star sign… the ego.”

“Oh…” he said, twinkling again and grinning behind the raised coffee cup. “Ohhh, that one.”

“But you didn’t kill it?” he said, nodding to the pile of wool trussed up in bright red.

“There are days when I might fancy eating a villager!” I said, reasonably.

He nodded. “So, you don’t need to kill it, but as far as the world is concerned it’s dead?”

“Exactly. As long as I can look at it, tied up in red, and remember its nature, then I know I have it tamed…”

And then something else came to me, something that completed the sequence of meaning and wrapped it up, neatly, with my captive combo before us. “… and I could just carry on wearing it, of course, but in a way that showed I was only wearing a lion’s skin, not being one…”

“Clever that…” he said, looking at the captive Leo and nodding to Rose as she approached, smiling, with our second round of coffees.


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