Across the Water

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

Autumn is nearly over now, and the leaves are turning to mush. But there is still lots of colour in places, and I was sat on a rock yesterday afternoon overlooking one of the many reservoirs we have around here watching the wildfowl, and just as it started to get dark a shaft of sunlight lit up the trees in the far distance and highlighted their autumn coats, maybe for the last time this year.

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Yes or no?

Shaken and stirred… anyone would think Sue was enjoying herself…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I have, over the years, come across a number of excellent articles on the value of learning to say ‘No’. And it is good advice. We bend over backwards, tie ourselves in knots and wear ourselves to shreds sometimes trying to do and be everything others ask of us. It is, just occasionally, okay to say no.

I will be the first to hold up my hand in guilt at this one, learning how and when to refuse has been a long, hard journey… and one I am still working on. The natural instinct is to be helpful and personally I have found saying yes to everything a hard habit to break. It is not easy to learn to accept that sometimes no is the best answer.

But what I find strange, amid all the helpful and useful articles about learning to say no, is that there is a…

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