Month: January 2017

Beneath the still life

— Rooted firm beneath The icy mists we must endure Mute to understanding ——- ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017.

Veiling the truth

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“Good morning! How are you?” “I’m fine! How are you?”  replies your best smiley telephone voice, while you pretend not to feel like death warmed up as you drag your sorry backside to the nearest thing to sit/lean/lie on. Go on, you’ve done it, haven’t you? We all have. There are lots of reasons. The person…

Milestones, people power and the OMG effect

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
It doesn’t matter what we are doing, consciously or not, we all seem to set ourselves arbitrary milestones. Some decide on them in advance, creating a deliberate goal that is as firmly fixed as a guiding star, others simply recognise them in passing, but whether it is a chosen goal or a surprise, we will nod…

Armoury Show…

Solstice of the Moon – a Silent Eye Event in Scotland

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Maiden, Mother, Crone Solstice of the Moon Inverurie, Scotland 15th-17th September 2017 The gently undulating and fertile landscape between the foothills of the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea proved an attractive place to settle for the early Neolithic peoples colonising the furthest reaches of the British Isles. Nowhere else contains a greater concentration of late Neolithic/Early Bronze…

An Imperious Impulse III…

Leaving Australia…

It’s going to be a wrench, leaving Australia. We’ve been here nearly a month and that’s the longest time we have ever been away from the UK. It has been a wonderful time. The star of the show has been the little lady in the buggy, above, and in the photo, below – our Granddaughter, Alice. We’ve had time to really get to know … Read More Leaving Australia…

 Journal of the far side: 9 – The Island of Impossible Life

“Welcome to Central Station…” We thought we had misheard; sitting on the back row of the four-wheel drive bus – yes, I did write 4×4 bus! There’s a picture below, just to prove it. There are four of them on Fraser Island, which is just as well because the only ‘highway’ on this 125-kilometre strip of sand is a perfectly straight eighty-kilometre beach facing … Read More  Journal of the far side: 9 – The Island of Impossible Life

 Journal of the far side: 8 – Brisbane

  Our trip to Uluru – Ayers Rock, had been a wonderful diversion from the modern – upon which so much of Australia is based. If you imagine the lower-right quadrant of a circle, our plans placed Urulu at the centre of an arc which began at Adelaide and swung clockwise (Eastward, then North) to Melbourne, Brisbane, Hervy Bay and then on to our … Read More  Journal of the far side: 8 – Brisbane

On Golden Swan #writephoto

And you may think I sail alone That white elegance is paired for life Once found But there is a deeper love Whose dancing visage Plays more games of joy Than any lover could. In deeper pools, I look for you Knowing the smiling ripples To be your face… For Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

Distorted reality

thoughts like clouds

Originally posted on dhamma footsteps:
POSTCARD #243: New Delhi: A photo in the photo library of the mind got lost. I had it in a special place because I wanted to use it for this post, but now it’s gone and I didn’t make a note of file name, I’ve forgotten where I’d kept it and worse still, I’ve forgotten what it looks like.…

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