Day: January 7, 2017

Journal of the Far Side – 4: The 1954 Coffee Bar

The pictures on the wall tell the story – they’re an homage to how the world was in 1954, the year that Pellegrini came to Melbourne and established his iconic coffee bar.  It was also the year I was born, and a small assortment of Italian-owned coffee bars were a favourite haunt of my mother and grandmother when they met, three times a week, … Read More Journal of the Far Side – 4: The 1954 Coffee Bar

A Border-Land of Spirits…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* We do not doubt the immortal nature of the Spirit in Man. Neither do we care to speculate on its probable state or condition in any future life. The Spirit, breathed into Man by the Great Mystery, ultimately returns to the one who gave it. After being freed from the body it is everywhere and pervades all nature.…

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