The Eyes of Being

The Silent Eye


I had wondered what the ‘experiential chord’ would be on this trip; arriving for the first time in this vast continent of Australia to spend most of January with my eldest son, our daughter-in-law, and our granddaughter, Alice, now sixteen months old.

‘Experiential chord’ is how I think of what experience does to you–for you, as it assembles the parts of what’s happening into a purposeful theme; much as a guitarist puts together multiple notes to create a chord, which has power and harmony combined, and makes the perfect basis for the song to be laid over it.

The song, in this case, is a very unexpected lesson in the soul’s perception in the physical world. The chord is an unfolding of day by day delight in seeing a young soul come to terms with her relationship with her universe: full of newness, full of wonder, full of Being-in-the-moment.



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