The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Side by side…

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We decided to leave the main road and take the back roads, just for a last look at the hills. Add that to the possibility of avoiding a long traffic jam just ahead and the fact that there was a historic church just off the slip road and getting sidetracked was irresistible. Not that I could remember anything about the church… I just recognised the name of the town as being of some importance and the sign supplied a possible reason why. It wouldn’t have mattered if it hadn’t been there… there was bound to be somewhere we could grab some lunch.

Five minutes later, we had parked the car right outside a sandwich bar at the top of St Asaph’s High Street and found ourselves a cathedral. The trouble was, the cathedral was shut, so we wandered off down the High Street in search of a little church we…

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

In the high places
A veil of serenity
Soothes the wildest heart
Savage beasts bow to beauty
And passion wears purity

A moorland dawn. The heather is in bloom, its delicate honey fragrances the morning for me alone. No bees yet seek the purple heart of the hills, no walkers share the stones. The valley still sleeps beneath a coverlet of cloud. Humanity here is no more than a memory. I am alone with beauty.

It does not matter where, this is my place. Where the shore between the heather and the mists is a meeting of world. Where dreams are shaped of flowers and stones wear the faces of my ancestors. No matter where the world leads me, my heart is here and I am home.

Tall the cliffs of stone
That mark the entry to my heart’s domain,
Wild and empty in its vastness
The solitude of living…

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