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The Mind of the Virgin Queen

Is it possible to go back in time and see into the minds of monarchs who played a key role in a country’s development? Given it is so long ago, how difficult would it be to do this for the Elizabethan age? This is our task for the Silent Eye’s spring workshop 2018: “The Jewel in the Claw’. The jewel is the emerging spirit of … Read More The Mind of the Virgin Queen

Pyramid Text

This is my entry for week 35 of  Sacha Black’s And this week the theme is ‘Pyramid’.  Sacha is the founder of the Blogger’s Bash and is a bit under the weather at the moment. Please send her your kindest thoughts; she’s a great character and a wonderful organiser… Pyramid Text Magnox, PI, had seen the deadly red lettering before. He wondered how he … Read More Pyramid Text

The go-ons and the come-ons…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Georgette Heyer is probably best known for her Regency romances and her knack of capturing an era and bringing it to light-hearted life. She also wrote detective novels and the two works for which I admire her the most… An Infamous Army, which is an account of the Battle of Waterloo and The Spanish Bride, about…

The plight of Black-Conn…

Summer’s Last Kiss

Summer’s Last Kiss   When ocean’s shine turns mirror bright And deeper love seems written there When crested waves hiss rest awhile And be with us in formless dream Then know that summer’s parting kiss Casts lingering promise bold and bare ➰ To cling is but a dreamer’s sigh As worlds rotate and tides return Her russet hand will still caress Though leaves are … Read More Summer’s Last Kiss

#Macro Monday

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Are we there yet? IV…


Shape-shifting (Part 1)

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
This series of posts are based on the outline of an exploration session presented at The Silent Eye  (a modern mystery school) “The Feathered Seer” weekend in 2017. Whilst I have attempted to retain some of the flavour of the actual talk, the interactive elements of the exploration are absent, and since most of it was done “on  the…

Three Steps to Heaven and Earth…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* “Sure, ’tis a terrible thing to choose one or t’other.” The Aurally Man * “Alchemy as process has a number of stages.” “And nobody seems able to agree on how many!” “This might not though be a disagreement of number but of measure.” “An hour possesses sixty minutes and three-thousand-six-hundred seconds, after all.” “If we make our focus…

The three limbs of Mann

(Above – a commercial example of the use of the IOM’s symbol – author’s photo) We have just returned from a long weekend on the Isle of Man. It is one of our favourite destinations, although it shares much of the wet climate of north Lancashire and neighbouring Cumbria, being seventy miles from the connecting port of Heysham. The ferry journey takes four hours … Read More The three limbs of Mann

A stroll with TT

Our genial host, Mark, described it as ‘a stroll with TT’. I was somewhat dubious at this proposal, since the Isle of Man (IOM) is famous for an invasion of super-powerful racing motorbikes during the famous TT road races in June; and the thought of somehow ‘strolling’ with several hundred motorcycles whizzing past at anything up to two-hundred miles per hour was a little … Read More A stroll with TT

Port Lewaigue

Port Lewaigue (pronounced ‘lage’) is a small cove to the south of Ramsey, on the Isle of Man. At the time of writing, we are spending a long weekend with some friends who now live here; having moved from Douglas, the island’s capital, last year. Mark is due to retire from the Manx insurance business in a few weeks, and the purchase of a … Read More Port Lewaigue

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