Day: July 2, 2017

Where are You Going?

Originally posted on Strange Goings On In The Shed:
photo credit: PeterThoeny A tent, a motorcycle, and a sunset on the playa via photopin (license) Where are you going Reaper Man? I watch you ride by, silent and absorbed. What are you watching with your eyes of gold and endless obsidian? Arid vistas, fabled cities, towers of dunes, They flash by, places caught in…

The Lion’s Share

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
  ? “Tell me,” said Joshua, “why is that person carrying a lamb to the city ?” Judas Thomas said, “So that he may kill it and eat it.” Joshua said, “Whoever has come to know the world has discovered a carcass, and whoever has discovered a carcass, of that person the world is not worthy. Damn the…

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