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Strange Goings On In The Shed

29983934736_d098a9819a_b photo credit: PeterThoeny A tent, a motorcycle, and a sunset on the playa via photopin(license)

Where are you going Reaper Man?

I watch you ride by, silent and absorbed.

What are you watching with your eyes of gold and endless obsidian?

Arid vistas, fabled cities, towers of dunes,

They flash by, places caught in time, crumbling into the past,

A memory of when we were young.

Where have you been Reaper Man?

How we feared your coming, a shadow fleet and grasping in the night.

How wrong we were, eyes dimmed by fear and blinding light.

I yearn to hear of your adventures, songs of love and whispered regrets.

Sing to me lone traveller, garbed in leather and wreathed in smiles.

He speaks and entrances, holds spellbound:

I rode on the wings of dawn, endless roads and too brief sunrises.

My kisses fall on parchment skin and babe in…

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