Month: October 2017

Spark of Darkness

We had forgotten In the turning of the clock In the slide to dark afternoon Lay a deeper power —– We had forgotten The power of the fire The gift from the beginning The reaction of intelligence —– And in the darkness Around the fire Held within the flames We remembered —– ©Stephen Tanham  

If I could

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
If my touch could ease your pain, I’d never let you go. If my tears could wash away your sorrow, I’d cry forever. If my song could give you peace, I would sing from the rooftops. I can see your torment, How I wish I could banish it for all time. All I have is my Love, The essence of…


An Arthur for Elizabeth?

Philip Sidney was born into prosperity and with connections. He was the eldest son of Sir Henry Sidney and Lady Mary Dudley – making him a relative of the 1st Duke of Northumberland and the 1st Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley. He was educated at Shrewsbury School and Christ Church, Oxford. If there was a man at Elizabeth’s court who epitomised the qualities of … Read More An Arthur for Elizabeth?

Death in Life

⦿ I had not thought to think on death Until the line of light grew thin Until the narrow, fragile band Was all there was of what had been ⦿ There was a time I had the Earth Where ‘now’ embraced potential Where energy flowed free and fast My will the blueprint elemental ⦿ Until the bog and fog grew thick And weeds, untilled, … Read More Death in Life


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? * A berry long time ago… * * Before Worshippers… * * And Scholars… * * And Monarchs… * * And Warriors… * * And Romans… ** And Scorts… * * And Picts… * * The Iron Age… * * The Bronze Age… * * And The Stone Age… * * This tree was planted… * * ?…

A day with wings…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
I was up long before dawn…yesterday was going to be another busy day on the back of several busy weeks interspersed with illness. I have scarcely known whether I was coming or going and the bags have seldom been unpacked for long. Not that I am complaining…I wouldn’t change it for the world… but I am…

Solstice of the Moon: Chasing memories


The Adventurer’s Hidden Magic

“Strike man, strike!” Those were the last words of Sir Walter Raleigh, spoken to an executioner who was taking his time, at the end of one of the most colourful lives of the whole Elizabethan era. The attitude–not of defiance, but of expediency–typified this adventurer’s life. Raleigh had charmed Elizabeth I, but failed to do so with her successor, James I of England, who … Read More The Adventurer’s Hidden Magic

My Lady Solitude

When Winter’s call Strips bare the wood When Summer’s kiss Is but a brood Upon your heart I will intrude My lady solitude ~~~ When silent spell Slows heartbeat’s time And reaches deep To chill the wine Upon your lips I will intrude My lady solitude ~~~ To wait the green And keening ride That signals Spring Begins its tide Emergent green We will … Read More My Lady Solitude

Reflecting reality…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Thilo Frank’s Mirrored Room. Image google search, source unknown… appropriately My son has an infinity mirror in his bedroom which startled the electrician who installed it. He thought it was ‘just’ an illuminated mirror and nearly fell through the imaginary black hole it creates when he switched it on to test it. Tiny LED lights are mirrored back…

Solstice of the Moon: Circles within circles

Chapel-en-le-River II…

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