Quicksilver Tide

Vast and swirling force, below
How silently you flow round truth
When hearts and minds let drift
The shallow link of living life
Between the tides of love and loathing
No fanfare; charge of war
But grey and ancient mud, which
Turning molten silver, deadly,
Quicker than truth half-shaped
Can lie its way to heaven
The visitor, swept beyond his depth
Finds death in once fond shallows
When tide as fast as horses rages
The tide is all and everything
A higher form whose children, born
Are life and death made polar
Death seen in full is life made whole
The song of Vishnu’s Shiva

It is, perhaps as it should be

But they are rising on our shores
The muddy undertow takes and grinds
The simple guest of visiting mind

©Stephen Tanham