I take a lot of photographs, and like to share the ones that move me the most.

Looking back on these, there is a theme: they are, more often than not, a moment of natural beauty, defined by light on landscape, which could only be captured by camera or poem… so, here, for my less formal ‘Tuesday slot’, is picture and poem.

Twin Guardians

Twin guardians, we will play

And to those in the vale

We will escort your passing blaze

With turning leaf salute your days

And bowing, be your setting sail.

© Stephen Tanham

Steve Tanham is a director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness; a correspondence-based method for living a fully conscious life, with personal mentoring.

8 Comments on “Ungrasped

  1. Gorgeous image! My brother is into photography too. Over the years I too, have delved into the mystery schools! Currently refocusing on Christian mysticism and aspects of Catholicism. I’m also a practising witch. Not pagan and not a witch by religion. More a witch by craft only. Good to connect here on your blog M🌹

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  2. I love to try to capture these moments too, but somehow my efforts seem to fall flat, unlike yours, Steve… maybe I need a better camera…


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