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Full Circle: The final curtain…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
On most of our workshop weekends, we offer a ‘greeting of the dawn’ at one of the ancient sites. The winter workshops are perfect for this as the sun rises so much later, but as we are at the mercy of the season, the weather and the time local hotels serve breakfast, these are always optional. Usually we…

Full Circle: Long Meg

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Our final site of the day was to be one of the most astonishing circles we have visited. It is not the biggest, nor are the stones themselves the largest, but it has a ‘feel’ unlike any other. Castlerigg. That we would visit on our final day of the workshop, may rightly be accounted one of the most…

I and the Telescope

Do we have automatic filters of perception that screen out the magical? How many miraculous events in the natural world occur before our eyes each day yet are not noticed by our everyday awareness? We often feel this to be our experience – but it happens within an adult ‘self’ which has grown from infancy to adulthood, and therefore is to be trusted, Such … Read More I and the Telescope

Cant and Greta

Between the Cant and the Greta rivers there is a castle. In it lived a great chief, a warlord who was a King in his own right. His name was Bernard Maltravers and his success was due to his ability to not only fight, but to think. Maltravers lived like a king and one of the joys of his kingly life in the castle … Read More Cant and Greta

An end to darkness

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
I should have known really… the folklore, like a haddock to the face once you spot it, TELLS you!! But I wasn’t listening, and had to go the long way around… like 10 years searching up hill and down bleedin’ dale. And all along, the folklore whispered “You’re an idiot. We kept it locked, safely hidden away, in the…

Full Circle: Spiral dance

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
We squelched through the mud at the gateway to the field, following the fence down to a tiny stone circle that is unknown to most casual visitors. Just a third of a mile from its big sister, the tiny cairn circle of Little Meg is one of the least known circles in the area and yet it is,…

Ars Geometrica: ABC’s…

From Stuart

Dear Don: Jonah…

From Sue and Stuart

The Spirit of Good

©Stephen Tanham

Two for the Solstice

Two poems for the coming Solstice. The first is The Iron Hand from Barbara Walsh, who is in the process of establishing her own WordPress site: The Iron Hand The iron-hard earth imprisons life below Cold darkness, gripping life that glows But not to conquer or destroy; That life now sleeping waits to grow Till winter’s touch so cold yet needed. Releases gentle fingers … Read More Two for the Solstice

Being Beyond Seeing…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
* One of the ‘hardy perennials’ on many of our workshops is the thorny problem of intent. Thorny because much of what we now see may not have been originally intended by the erstwhile perpetrator or perpetrators, yet some of what remains most definitely was! On our recent sojourn around Cornwall, having been cruelly divested of our guide…

The Mind Tree

It’s little more than a hillock A green slope, with mist Until the sky rips open And something unseen Reaches down To ink a drawing of The possible Then mind, seizing itself Creates the living tree ©️Stephen Tanham Stephen Tanham is a director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a not-for-profit organisation that helps people find a personal path to a deeper place within … Read More The Mind Tree

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