The love of Winter trees

Returning home after a long trip, I am always taken by the sheer ‘energy’ in a British landscape. It may be adversarial with cold and rain, but it shakes the soul into a different kind of wakefulness.

The leaf-stripped trees are the most potent symbol of this for me. There, framed in total contrast, are living symbols of growth, of organic process, of four dimensions seen as one emotional rendering.

They will endure the Winter. Reduced to their raw being, they await the greening.

Everyone seems to love trees, and I love it that we do…

©Stephen Tanham

Surrender: The Great Mother Speaks

From Jan

Strange Goings On In The Shed

photo-1532361940453-f56c8f7d4f43 Timothy Paul Smith at Unsplash

This was originally written for mighty Ishtar but was changed to the Great Mother. May She forgive me for my fickle decision. Methinks the time is right to go forth and make peace with the Veiled One. There is history between us, one I won’t go into.

Regardless, my scrying in the waters of the subconscious are proving surprising. Let’s glow with the flow.

She who must be eternally veiled presents herself on this occasion as fragrant as a rose. As heady as a chalice of voluptuous red wine. As all embracing as deep slumber.

Her eyes are the stars blazing in the heavens, being a never-ending light illuminating the darkness. The night is Her veil of the Greater Mysteries, glimpsed only in moments of silent contemplation. Her voice is the whisper of breezes infused with the Waters of Life, ever bountiful and endless. 


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