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The rotating blade of meaning (3)

For this series of posts to make sense – and be spiritually useful in our lives – it must challenge the way we see and therefore ascribe meaning to situations. That challenge must also apply to what we are, as well, since how we used to see, in innocence and wonder, lies, now, below the surface of our active adult consciousness, yet comprises its … Read More The rotating blade of meaning (3)

A visit to Tissington

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
The day was bitterly cold. Icy winds and heavy skies meant that it was definitely not the weather for tramping the moors on search of ancient stones. Instead, we had a run out to Tissington, knowing that one of the windows in the little Norman church there would be perfect to illustrate the post we were…

Sound of the Primeval

The grey dawn was breaking around the huge ship. It’s not a boat, Captain Thassos had explained. A ship is much bigger than a boat… you can fit several boats into a ship. Later on in the cruise he would provide a wonderful illustration of this. For now we were about to have an experience of a lifetime, and it was ironic that the … Read More Sound of the Primeval

You need to know the truth about the elephant in the room.

Originally posted on M T McGuire Authorholic:
This is a dementia related post I’m afraid, but it’s also, kind of, a warning. As I’ve probably said before, but I’ll say it again, the reason I write the posts about my dad are because most of us have no idea what happens when a person gets Alzheimer’s. Usually, we hear that someone has been diagnosed,…

The rotating blade of meaning (2)

In Part One, we looked at how Arthur M. Young, a brilliant engineer and inventor, was fascinated by the ‘act of knowing’, and determined that there were four stages to this central part of our consciousness. This can be illustrated by the following search for what might be termed a ‘geometry of meaning’ in the act of seeing something: There is a rectangular-shaped object … Read More The rotating blade of meaning (2)

Dear Wen: Numbers…

From Stuart…

The Wolf and the Setting Sun

Like knowing thought inclined to action Creates ‘me’ when the job is done So must I trust the light That pulls me where the photos are To stand beneath the ancient wolf And howl at the setting sun ©Stephen Tanham


Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Six a.m. on a Sunday… I groaned and turned off the alarm clock. I hadn’t been sleeping well, or enough, and did not want to obey the imperative summons… especially not on a day when, historically, most folks get to sleep later. As I clawed my way through the fleeing remnants of a dream in which I had…

The rotating blade of meaning (1)

  You have probably never heard of him. He was an engineer by training. He was the primary inventor and developer of the Bell helicopter, which made the promise of point to point flight a reality – though it had been discussed for centuries beforehand. This inventor, engineer and scientist was from an age when a few scientists could still challenge the overall approach of … Read More The rotating blade of meaning (1)

Orphans of Summer

Orphaned shoots of summer’s fullness Sway high in January’s blue Like gifted children graced with wisdom Defying winter’s hidden fury Escaping falsely changing hue ➰ Against the black we could not see you Yet, dancing in the violent storm Your gentle tips flowed round the deluge Untouched by night’s electric harm A younger magic, bold and warm ➰ But, come the day when icy … Read More Orphans of Summer

Small steps…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
“I need to do something.” Clinging to a lifestyle in which they felt themselves to be stuck, the person concerned said that a change was needed… a break in the pattern of their days, for to break just one link in a chain is to break free of it. But where to start? What if it wasn’t enough?…

Dear Wen: Omar…

From Sue and Stuart

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