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  1. “the eight directions of the western temple”.
    The word temple implies this structure is non-Christian I assume? What temples would these be therefore? Who worshiped in them and what did they worship? What is the significance of these 8 directions and why 8 as opposed to 12 or 4 for instance?

    “to interact in a meaningful way with the creative forces of the universe”. In a metaphorical sense I assume? I assume the symbol has no actual physical or practical use? e=mcsquared might be YinYang I guess.

    How does the beautiful stained glass depicting Adam and Eve fit in? Is there some parallel between this ancient Christian legend and the eastern concept of yin and yang?

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  2. Part of your ‘confusion’ may be due to the fact that this post represents a correspondence reply to, ‘Dear Don: Numbers’ which makes reference to the Jewish story of Adam and Eve… The stained glass depiction of this tale does indeed have links to the Yin Yang through the concept of polarity. The I-Ching which utilises the symbol referred to in Don’s letter, offers a very practical means of addressing the day to day problems of living in the physical realm of planet earth. The temple to which Don makes reference would be a temple of the western mystery tradition. Those who have and still do ‘worship’ in such temples would be Druids, Wiccans, Rosicrucians, and Masons, to name but a few. The significance of the eight directions is cosmological and refers to the Solstices, the Equinoxes, and their quarter points. Such temples can also be utilised to work with both twelve and four… 😉


  3. Ah, thank you for the clarification. I am a great fan of eastern thought – Taoism and Buddhism in particular. Although, needless to say I treat it all as metaphor rather than fact. Thank you I will look at ‘Dear Don: Numbers’

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