And here we

Will laugh in the gentle light coming through the slanted glass louvres,

Will smile at the smiles of passing folk who smile at our smiling,

Will drift, within this cheer, within,

But, most of all, will plot and write…

With tea…

©Stephen Tanham

Why not?

What we do…

The Silent Eye

Above Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

One of the joys of working with the Silent Eye is the people you get to meet. Not all of them are part of the School; most follow their own Paths, which, though they may run in the same general direction, can take vastly different routes on the journey. None is inherently ‘better’ than another; it is always the Path that speaks to the heart that is right for any seeker. Being able to share and learn from our individual experiences on that Path makes the journey richer and fosters a spirit of understanding and cooperation.

Every year, the Silent Eye runs four workshop weekends. While the correspondence course and the personal journeys of our students are at the heart of the way the Silent Eye works, the workshops allow us to take a different approach and explore new ideas in new ways. They also allow…

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