Dear Wen: Omar…

From Sue and Stuart

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

14 sept 404Dear Wen…
Ah Omar, he of the cloth bedecked head and wisdom of the serpent.
Do we know aught of the traditions of the loose fitting turban I wonder?
The calendar of course is altogether another ‘kettle of fish’.
(Nice word ‘kettle’. Is it linked to ‘catch’ I wonder).
Can a civilisation ever really transcend its conception of the calendar and hence the motion of the heavens?
I very much doubt it.
All of which means, my dearest Wendolina, that where the heavens are concerned we, as a fledgling civilisation, are saddled with the grossest inaccuracies…
‘We dive… down!” …A reference to the ‘Song of the Siren’ if ever there was one. The light of the Sun is too great which is why we need a vessel to contain it. Our vessel currently is the earth which has to become a ‘body of light’…

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