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hardwick (35)Dear Don,

Well, Jonah is an interesting story in its own right, and ties in with the whole ‘devouring beast’ affair. Devoured or eaten… either way, an interesting consummation, you might say. Especially when you bring the star-beasts into play.

The animal connections seem to run through all our myths and stories, don’t they? I just looked through a load of images of the stained glass bible at Addington and it is surprising just how frequently beasts feature… and each of them a symbolic story in themselves that we immediately interpret and understand.

14 sept 377I was actually looking for the Jonah window we had seen. My usual method for the Buckinghamshire windows was fool proof… there is a site that lists every one by subject and location so all that needs to be done to locate a picture in my files is nip over there. Trouble is, they’ve taken the site…

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