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fast food raven (1)Dear Don,

Hope you had a good weekend… looking forward to the Harvest of Being. I seem to have been in the south a long time and I’m missing the hills.

I spent some time reading up on our Norse God this weekend. Found this… you’ve probably seen it; I know I’d seen it before but I hadn’t joined up the dots… didn’t have all the dots to join, I suppose, until we started this journey.

Then began I to bloom,
To be wise,
To grow and to thrive;
Word came to me
From word,
Deed came to me
From deed.

I also came upon a slightly different translation of Huginn’s name in MacKenzie … ‘reflection’ rather than ‘thought’… which although synonymous, throws yet another light on the matter of the Raven-god’s companions. In the same telling nine rune-charms were spoken of to match the nine herbs and nine worlds…

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