On a day of scarecrows

The little patch of oil, beneath your sump

Called to me

To put aside Wray’s springtime pride

And ride my early miles, again.

Where teenage fingers

Cold or burned, begged broken thread

To mend and seal

The engine’s heated flow

And let the boy get home

And sliding frozen rump

From frozen saddle, fingers stiff

To feed and heal

In mother’s kitchen

The willing price of independence

Where scarecrows end

The little patch of oil, beneath your sump

Sang to me

To put aside Wray’s springtime pride

And ride my life, again.

©Stephen Tanham

The Wray Scarecrow Festival takes place in the lovely north Lancashire village of Wray each year in the first week of May. The beautifully restored pre-unit Triumph motorcycle was a complete surprise

13 Comments on “Where Scarecrows End

  1. Every now and then I feel this same yearning. Usually in Waitrose car park! We see some beautiful cars on our way to the shop, and I imagine myself behind the wheel, free to go wherever my mood takes me… sadly, my driving days are long gone, but the dreams remain…

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  2. Oh Triumphs and Indians are the best!!! I LOVE motorcycles, and wish I still had my old Honda 350 CB! I love getting the scarecrows into your wonderful poem. They so belong there! Thank you for sharing it.

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    • Your old CB350 would have been valuable now, would it not? A bit of a classic. We didn’t have much money – no-one did, back then – but my Dad bought me a Ducati 250 for my sixteenth birthday. I loved it. That was the start of my love-affair with biking. On and off, I’ve had many bikes since. It’s not used much, but I have a 2005 BMW GS1200 gathering dust in the garage. I use it on hot summer evenings, when I ride around Lake Windermere and stop to have my coffee from a flask. The Wray Scarecrow festival is a celebrated annual event in the Lune Valley. The Triumph was one of three being exhibited outside a private house in the village… the owner’s pride and joy, I think!

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      • Wow! I know the Ducati as well, and the BMW’s are beloved much here. When I was younger we had one of the first BMW cars in California. I used to race cars after the most horrible accident while being towed in my tiny MG Midget soft-top. The driver was driving way too fast with a tow line way too long on a dirt road with deep shoulders. The car suddenly dipped into the shoulder and because of the speed, broke the rope and rolled end over end 2-1/2 times. I had no seat belt because we were not having them at the time believe it or not. This was at White Sands Proving Grounds where I worked and had a secret clearance. We watched and recorded missile shots from Green River, Utah. I did get some internal injuries, but could not get help on the base because we were civilians. So we drove to Alamogordo, and the only doctor available was an osteopath, and he did virtually nothing. Had some broken ribs and other injuries. Anyway, that was what started me into driving different cars in slaloms, etc. and I never won the first several years because that was what I wanted to do. but one day I just got into the car and drove and just felt at one with the car. That day I won first in class, and you know, when I finally went to get that trophy after someone had to tell me I won, I just looked at it and it meant nothing. It was that feeling of oneness with the car. From that day on, I won lots of times, but it never meant anything. It was just the experience and the amazing feeling. Thank you very kindly for sharing that experience. It brought back good memories of how no matter what we go through in this life, we can overcome it if we let go and just be a part of existence.

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