Tess: It’s around here somewhere!

Human: What is?

Tess: That sheep!

Human: Now, you’re not to chase sheep!

Tess: Chase it? I’m terrified of it!

©Stephen Tanham

4 Comments on “#FurryFives : sheep

      • I remember a humorous story about fear not of sheep but of cows. When I was a little girl, my dad took me and my brother camping, and as things happen, our car got stuck in the sand where we were camping, and dad sent me and my little brother down to borrow a shovel from a rancher below. Well, we had to walk through some BIG cows with long horns. Well, they were a little ways out from us actually, but close enough that we could see them. I didn’t know then how curious cows of all sizes can be. Well, the lady rancher loaned us the shovel and gave us some oranges, and then I told her we were afraid of those cows and did not know how to get back safely as they had walked toward us by now. She picked up a forked stick from the ground, and told me, “Just hold this out in front of you.” Well, I took that stick, and wasn’t convinced, but when one cow got just too close to us, I stuck that forked stick out and the cow turned and moved away. And I tried it out several more times. I would never forget that lesson.

        As a grownup on an archaeological group with the other students, we were digging on a farmer’s land and soon his cows came walking to the site, looked at all of us and began walking right through the middle, causing a great deal of panic amongst the group. I calmly went and got a forked stick and walked toward the cows, and they suddenly decided they perhaps did not need to get to the other side perhaps, and turned away. After that, it became one of my specialties (the other climbing trees and taking infrared photos of the site). Wow, to this day I cannot believe I spent four years in college to do that!!! /thank you for sharing your tale too!

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