Man: Those are your mother’s gardening shoes!

Tess: They are lovely…

Man: She’s been out there all day in the sun!

Tess: You don’t understand.

Man: Obviously not!

©Stephen Tanham 2020

7 Comments on “#Furry Fives : gardening shoes!

  1. So funny and so true. Special use shoes and gloves seem to be doggie collectibles. We never know where or even IF we will find them, and some I have never found. Did they eat them?

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  2. OK, I have one for you and this is true. One of our dogs we call Baby Jack (who is actually a chunky Chihuahua who looks funny and talks as if he is a Husky to everything we do). Yesterday we were discussing this very large size pizza we had purchased for only $6.69 (which is cheap in the U.S.) and with everything on it. I suggested that we should just cut it in half and eat half of it, and suddenly Baby Jack let out a NO!!! and we both heard it distinctly. We laughed so hard and were still laughing today.

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