Heysham village is a delightful outlier of old Lancashire…

Its main street curls up from a one-alley access road for a stony shoreline to become a row of beautiful stone cottages that have stood there for hundreds of years.

Near St Peter‘s Church – there since Anglo-Saxon times, the road bends and climbs. This cottage dominates the corner; and today, the light and the shadows it cast were perfect for a monochrome shot.

©Stephen Tanham

Stephen Tanham is A Director of The Silent Eye, a distance-learning school for the deepening of the personality and its alignment with the individual soul.

17 Comments on “Mellow Moods for Autumn (3): Heysham shadows

  1. Actually not, Steve. It’s such a long time since I was in Heysham. I need to do something about that. 🙂

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    • I could just picture it! And there’s a big car park next to three coffee shops… or you could go up-market at the Midland Hotel, complete with free car park and sea view… See, in should be in tourism! 😎

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      • I’m liking the sound of free there. It rarely goes with “car-park”. I had a drive down the promenade at Morecambe last summer. Hadn’t been since I was a boy. I was impressed.

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        • They’ve spent a fortune on the prom and it’s sea defences. The Midland car park has always been free, as long as you’re having something inside the hotel. The Art Deco Rotunda Bar is brilliant for coffee, cake and snacks. Enjoy.


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