Autumn is a beautiful time in the Lune Valley…

The River Lune rises in the gentle hills of the Eden Valley, in Cumbria, the last western county before you cross the border into Scotland. It flows for 53 miles in long curves, defining a series of beautiful valleys.

It’s most scenic section is where it passes a few hundred metres from the centre of Kirkby Lonsdale, a 13th century market town, famed for its wealth of history and surviving stone dwellings – and also the still-standing Devil’s Bridge, which used to be the main highway into West Yorkshire and offers one of the most photographed views in Cumbria.

This beech tree lives just above the banks of the Lune, on the footpath to the ‘dreaded’ Radical Steps…

…whose 99 blocks of uneven stone challenge the visitor to ascend from the level of the river to Ruskin’s View – photographed, here, in summer.

And from here, the entire curve of the River Lune’s passing can be seen. It’s an ascent best attempted in dry weather… But worth it for the view.

There are other views… The many excellent restaurants strive to outdo each other with seasonal delights…

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, which offers a personally-mentored, distance learning course in the deepening of the personality and its alignment with the individual soul.

17 Comments on “Mellow moods for Autumn (4) : by the river

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    • Thank you, Diana. I’m trying to find a balance between serious posts and ‘feel good’ ones. A short post with several photographs – which I love taking – seems to do the trick! 😎

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        • Oh, good. Lovely feedback. I thing the UK is just as stressed about your elections as the USA. Yes, the world is going through a transitional time. Analogous, in my opinion, to a psychological breakdown of ‘the collective ego’. But good things can come from big changes of that nature, especially when it forces us, collectively, to challenge the modes of the past… ❤️

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    • Thank you, Robbie. It is a wonderful place, though certain seasons show it off well – like Autumn. Hardy’s books were set in a fictional ‘Wessex’ which incorporated bits of Devon, Dorset, Somerset and other West Country landscapes. It must have been another one. Cumbria contains the Lake District which has been the setting for many a story!

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