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Mellow moods for Autumn (7) Bonfire

There’s something wonderful about an autumn bonfire. It brightens the darkening evenings, and mirrors an inner process taking place as we respond to the end of the bright months… (300 words; a two minute read) We had ‘light from Nature’ during the long and bright months of the summer. We didn’t have to do anything to be a part of it, just step outside, … Read More Mellow moods for Autumn (7) Bonfire

Mellow moods for Autumn (4) : by the river

Autumn is a beautiful time in the Lune Valley… The River Lune rises in the gentle hills of the Eden Valley, in Cumbria, the last western county before you cross the border into Scotland. It flows for 53 miles in long curves, defining a series of beautiful valleys. It’s most scenic section is where it passes a few hundred metres from the centre of … Read More Mellow moods for Autumn (4) : by the river

Mellow Moods for Autumn (1)

A series of seasonal shots for Sunday, in either monochrome or with the colour reduced to give that mellow mood… The mists and the lane. The first mists gently fill the spaces between the trees at the end of the lane. So ‘soft and special’ you want to run out and take the shot before the shafts of sunlight disappear… ©Stephen Tanham, 2020. Stephen … Read More Mellow Moods for Autumn (1)

#ShortWrytz – Bare Ash

It’s a view I get every morning, letting the pets out before making the first cup of tea. The beloved ash tree – almost certainly doomed to fade away when the ‘die back’ virus finally gets this far north Today, with the strong wind stripping away the last of its leaves, I had a deep and poignant moment when it seemed to face me … Read More #ShortWrytz – Bare Ash

Out Along the Song

And so we meet again Bright blaze of flaring life A green defiant in its going Ashamed of nothing in its flowing Up to the crispy end it sings With melody of screaming joy So far beyond our space and time And out along the song To where there is no right and wrong ➰ And when the crisp is mush And when the … Read More Out Along the Song

Somber not Sad

A second on an icy breeze A chill that fears no coat A fading colour unafraid Of its own transition floats ➰ From the order of formed green To the falling of bronze The collecting whisper Is the voice of the colder wind ➰ North of the east and south of the west Nothing turns bad Culling life-magic, living no death Is somber not … Read More Somber not Sad

The cycle of life

The approach of the autumn always makes me reflect on the nature of life; in particular the way the mysterious essence of life takes form and shape, ‘living’ for a while, then giving up its life and surrendering the elements of that form back to the earth from which it arose. We all feel the poignancy of life’s seasons, but it’s useful to align … Read More The cycle of life

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