A series of seasonal shots for Sunday, in either monochrome or with the colour reduced to give that mellow mood…

The mists and the lane.

The first mists gently fill the spaces between the trees at the end of the lane. So ‘soft and special’ you want to run out and take the shot before the shafts of sunlight disappear…

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a distance-learning school for the deepening of the personality and its alignment with the soul.

6 Comments on “Mellow Moods for Autumn (1)

  1. Such a beautiful image! Leaves me with tingles. How did it feel actually being there in the midst (tee hee) of it?

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    • Thank you, Caroline. Love the word play. I have to confess that I didn’t take it! Bernie took it through the car windscreen when she left the house to go into town. She showed me later and I adapted her shot to look mellow, then made it monochrome 😎

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