There’s a saying in Cumbria; you don’t get the real spring till it’s fooled you, twice…

(Above: the old stone stile, next to the old canal bridge ‘No. 80’, is a favourite place for the collie to race ahead and wait for me… providing the perfect pose against the sunset.

But you do get the sun; and its increased energy brings real life to the natural colours in the landscape and the sky.

Below: One of the great trees on the shores of Lake Windermere has a large network of half-exposed roots which look magically green in the bright March morning sun.

The final shot, below, was taken just before the sun dropped past the western horizon. The change from sunset to twilight is rapid – the final moments before providing rich, saturated colours and contrasts.

©Stephen Tanham, 2021.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye. A journey through the forest of personality to the sunrise of Being.

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